You know how being in on a HUGE secret is both challenging and exciting? Well I've had to keep this one for a while...from one of my best friends.  George had been planning to propose to Kelsy this way for months because she was onto him.  Here's the story.

If you know me its typical for me to bring my camera everywhere.  If you know Kelsy and I together you know its totally normal to bring champagne with us everywhere.  George wanted to propose to her with some beautiful scenery in a way she would never expect. Queue a Memorial Day weekend trend where our friends Laura and Andy take us sailing on Lake Michigan.  

Kelsy looked adorable.  She always does. But she says to me, "I decided to where a cute outfit because I knew you'd make me get photos taken." She was right. I started by just taking her to the front of the boat while George "went to the bathroom" aka got the ring out of his bag.  As he walked up to her they start just chit chatting and then the sweet nothings turned into Kelsy being like, "wait, what? Is this happening? Is this really happening??" and tears of joy start streaming from both of them as George gets down on one knee.  Well, before that George said, "it has been 5 long years" and Kelsy corrected him and says, "Its been 6 1/2 but I know you're just nervous."
Too funny.  Below deck Chad was popping the bottles of champagne and the rest of the afternoon was spent celebrating. 

We love you guys so much and I feel so fortunate to have been included in one of the biggest moments of your life.  Cheers.