Remember Arturo & Murielle? They had the most adorable impromptu engagement session at the Downtown Market right before Murielle had to return to her home in Switzerland. Well, she has a new home now! She was finally able to join us in America and marry the man that she loves.  I am so happy to have been included in their journey to marriage.  This was my first courthouse wedding and I was blown away by how intimate and special it was.  The judge gave an incredible and beautiful speech and she truly cares for each couple she marries. It was a bonus that she happened to have been life long friends with Arturo's Aunt.  My favorite moment of the day had to have been when a police officer walked through the hallway as they were taking a sip from the flask.  The running joke was that they could get married and go to jail in the same day!  Murielle's family was present via Skype, bringing many tears to my eyes.  Their laughs radiate through these photographs...and thats why I love my job. Cheers guys.