2015 was a bittersweet wedding season.  It was my last season as the lead photographer for Blueflash Photography in Rhode Island.  I struggled so much with the decision to leave Blueflash after over 2 amazing years to move back to Michigan where the love of my life was.  I was so happy I was able to go back there to finish my last season with them for a month and a half of the summer.  It was also the wedding season where I too was going to get married.  Planning a wedding while shooting weddings....I wouldn't recommend it.  I started to get my own wedding plans confused with everyone else's and it caused me to be more indecisive about details than I already am.  I am so thankful for all of the brides I have had over the years in Rhode Island.  The bride I am most thankful for was the one who learned of my sisters death a week before her wedding and was so graceful and professional about our other lead photographer, Emily, filling in for me even though we already had a great relationship established. I don't even have words to describe how I feel about leaving Blueflash to move back to Michigan.  Rhode Island is where I started my career and truly discovered myself.  I feel so lucky to have met Matt Celeste (owner of Blueflash Photography) and his wife, Tara.  It was a work relationship and friendship where I constantly felt respected and an equal part in where Blueflash was headed.  Matt hired me to be a lead in efforts to grow the company so he could leave his electrical engineering job to pursue photography full time.  It was a huge leap that I was happy to be a part of...and it happened!  In half the time expected.  I learned so much from Matt about the business side of photography and a lot of lessons that can't be taught in school. Matt and Tara were also great role models for me to watch as I was growing my relationship into one that would turn into a marriage.  I respect their family and their business so much. I respect the values and hard work you both sink into your work and every day lives as parents, business owners and Christians. I love you guys!

Okay, onto some of my favorite shots from 2015 wedding season! (details and candids not included.) I also need to note that all New England weddings were shot as clients of Blueflash Photography. If you are a New England bride and reading this, check out their website here: www.blueflashphotography.com and make sure to request me ;)

Email me at jessica@jdarlingphoto.com to inquire about your 2016 date!

Emily & Andrew | Grand Rapids, MI


Chelsea & Clay | Connecticut

Lindsay & Gregory | Providence, RI

Katie & Rich | Barrington, RI

Amanda & Alex | Bristol, RI

Brooke & Devin | Fennville, MI

Susanne & Larry | Grand Rapids, MI