Brooke and Devin are a true high school love story where the ups meet the downs with more ups.  They are a true example of never letting go of what you love, even if it chooses to wander away a little bit. Listening to their family and friends tell the stories of their love was both comedic and sweet.  Their family and friends surround them with support and love to tell the stories of their story. Brooke has one of the most infectious personalities I have ever met.  Watching her smile and laugh next to Devin who is a bit more shy was so great.  Every time she would bubble up with joy he  had the sweetest smile on his face.  The entire day they were both glowing from the inside out.  Brooke is absolutely stunning and I was so proud to photograph their wedding.  Devin is the type of man that will never let go...and how could he?  Cheers you two, it was a pleasure.