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Lake Michigan

Part two of our Grand Haven adventures - Chad and Rubin had to miss out on our Sunday family trip due to the joy of having a second job so we decided to go back the next night to catch the sunset.  We have been so blessed to have seen so many amazing sunsets in so many beautiful places all over the country.  This one could have easily been one of my favorites.

Grand Haven Ice- 067 Grand Haven Ice- 071 Grand Haven Ice- 072 Grand Haven Ice- 097Grand Haven Ice- 074Grand Haven Ice- 076 Grand Haven Ice- 077 Grand Haven Ice- 082 Grand Haven Ice- 085 Grand Haven Ice- 086 Grand Haven Ice- 087 Grand Haven Ice- 088 Grand Haven Ice- 094Grand Haven Ice- 107Grand Haven Ice- 100 Grand Haven Ice- 101 Grand Haven Ice- 104 Grand Haven Ice- 105 Grand Haven Ice- 108Grand Haven Ice- 109 Grand Haven Ice- 111 Grand Haven Ice- 112 Grand Haven Ice- 115



Grand Haven

This is the story behind my last post titled "Isolation".  We never thought it would be possible to take Megan out on the ice on the big lake, and it sure was a challenge.  It was all possible thanks to my Mom having some great engineering skills.  She tied together two sleds to roll Megan's wheelchair on to. My Dad pushed her along while my Mom and brother pulled her with the ropes.  If you have been to Grand Haven this year then you know that in order to get onto the smooth part of the lake  you first have to climb over ice cliffs ranging in height from 10-25ft.  Colin was brave enough to lift her out of the wheelchair and carry her down while my Mom and Dad followed with the chair.  A lot of people looked at us like we were crazy and a few thought we were pushing around a baby! We had so much fun together as a family and I am so happy Megan got to experience it.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day. The last picture of my super cute Mom is my favorite.

Grand Haven Ice- 002 Grand Haven Ice- 003 Grand Haven Ice- 004 Grand Haven Ice- 005 Grand Haven Ice- 006 Grand Haven Ice- 010 Grand Haven Ice- 016 Grand Haven Ice- 017 Grand Haven Ice- 018 Grand Haven Ice- 015 Grand Haven Ice- 019 Grand Haven Ice- 020 Grand Haven Ice- 024 Grand Haven Ice- 028 Grand Haven Ice- 030 Grand Haven Ice- 032 Grand Haven Ice- 033 Grand Haven Ice- 036 Grand Haven Ice- 039 Grand Haven Ice- 056 Grand Haven Ice- 060 Grand Haven Ice- 058 Grand Haven Ice- 061 Grand Haven Ice- 062 Grand Haven Ice- 065


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This winter I came to realize there is a correlation between 82% of Lake Michigan being frozen and my sister being in a wheelchair.  That correlation is isolation. Confinement.  The power of the water and of the body isolated from movement.  Both of their insides roaring to move but being completely confined by ice - or a wheelchair. Her insides are so alive and dying to be expressed and to move, but her body will not let her. Her body keeps her locked in one position day after day, night after night; much like the frozen lake longing to thaw and for its waves to be free once again. But do not mistake isolation for unhappiness or for ruin.  Even in restricted places there is room for love and for light to shine through.  Does the sunset bring less warmth to our hearts and eyes in the winter? No. Do you have to be unhappy if you cannot move about freely or talk? No. The sun reflects its beautiful colors spread over the ice in a million rays.  Instead of swimming, people explore this phenomenon of nature climbing the cliffs of ice and looking in awe out to the distance where all they can see is ice. Isolation does not mean ruin, it does not mean unhappiness and it does not mean beauty is restricted. The most amazing lesson I have learned through my sister is that even though she cannot use her body to express herself, or words to say how she is feeling, she has more expression and more love shining through her eyes and her smile than anyone I have ever come in contact with.  Everywhere we go she is radiant with love and people notice.  Strangers come to talk to her, hold her hand and look into her eyes.  She heals people, she projects love and kindness onto them, she inspires people.  She does all of this while being able to use no words and no gestures. On frozen Lake Michigan nature stares you straight in the eyes and it is beautiful.  The waves isolated in ice or free and hugging the warm sand, it stares you straight in the eyes and reminds you that you are small and you are loved.

Grand Haven Ice- 038Grand Haven Ice- 046Grand Haven Ice- 035

Grand Haven Ice- 042 Grand Haven Ice- 013Grand Haven Ice- 001

Grand Haven Ice- 039

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Cameron | Kaden | Brennan | Grayson |Morgan

Time for updated family pictures of the Williams boys! Only this time there is a new baby girl added to the mix.  These boys just keep getting more and more handsome and I can't wait to see how beautiful Morgan will be! Kaden loves Mustangs so their reward for good picture taking was a ride around the neighborhood in Chads GT 5.0! They loved it! I'd say it was a better bribe than cupcakes. _MG_2823 _MG_2826 _MG_2859 _MG_2861-2 _MG_2865 _MG_2871 _MG_2873-2 _MG_2876 _MG_2881 _MG_2886 _MG_2899 _MG_2901 _MG_2904 _MG_2913 _MG_2915 _MG_2921 _MG_2925 _MG_2935 _MG_2943 _MG_2948 _MG_2955

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Oceanside Easter

This year for Easter Sunday I couldn't be with my family in Michigan so a friend and I hiked Black Point in Narragansett, RI with a picnic and our puppy, Leah. I couldn't have a more relaxing afternoon filled with meaningful conversation, great food, pie and a warm ocean breeze. The ocean and the natural beauty of Rhode Island has always made me feel closer to God. The creation he has placed here has brought me so much peace in dark times. Though I did not spend Easter traditionally this year, the calm of the ocean reminded me of  the grace and forgiveness Jesus has for us..something I have asked for a lot. I feel so blessed to have such a strong support system in God, through friends and family in Michigan and in Rhode Island. On the menu:

Caprese Salad Arugula and tri-colored pasta tossed with sun dried tomatoes, capers, feta cheese, olive oil and reduced balsamic vinegar My favorite Strawberry pie (my mother's recipe) Righteous Ale by Sixpoint Brewery Founders KBS
















December Morning


On this December morning,

I roll to my side
my foot peeks out from underneath the blanket
as the cold bites my toes.
Retracting from the chill
your warm sigh
breathes out comfort onto my neck.
I feel the bristle of your beard
brush against my neck
as you pull me in to soak up my warmth.
My eyes open with a glimpse of light
as I stare out the window
watching the elegance of each snowflake
flutter to the white blanket that lies on the ground.

They see you lying so still
on this cold December morning.
The light wakes you,
your tired blue eyes
stare back at my tousled hair and pale skin
and they smile
on this cold Decmber morning.
This moment is quiet and still
like the waves frozen on the shore.
The curl of your lips meet mine
on this perfect December morning.
_MG_0565-Edit _MG_0581