On this December morning,

I roll to my side
my foot peeks out from underneath the blanket
as the cold bites my toes.
Retracting from the chill
your warm sigh
breathes out comfort onto my neck.
I feel the bristle of your beard
brush against my neck
as you pull me in to soak up my warmth.
My eyes open with a glimpse of light
as I stare out the window
watching the elegance of each snowflake
flutter to the white blanket that lies on the ground.

They see you lying so still
on this cold December morning.
The light wakes you,
your tired blue eyes
stare back at my tousled hair and pale skin
and they smile
on this cold Decmber morning.
This moment is quiet and still
like the waves frozen on the shore.
The curl of your lips meet mine
on this perfect December morning.
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