The flight of stairs leading down onto the bare ocean floor reads "must be back at these stairs by 5pm." That day 5pm is when the muddy waters of the Bay of Fundy come rushing back in. By rushing back in, I mean that in a matter of a couple short hours there is 4o ft of water where you were just standing.  The water reaches all the way to the top of the rocks in the picture below where the 600 million year old rock formations start to bow out again.  Hopewell Rocks is located in New Brunswick, Canada situated in the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tide change in the world.  .  Everyone should experience what it is like to truly walk about the ocean floor.  You are filled with wonder looking at cliffs hundreds of feet above you knowing that soon the waves of the river will be crashing upon them. The Bay of Fundy is a natural phenomenon and is the most surreal and fascinating place I have ever been. _MG_3757 _MG_3759 _MG_3820_MG_3830 _MG_3823 _MG_3815 _MG_3808 _MG_3802 _MG_3796 _MG_3773 _MG_3765 _MG_3763_MG_3783 _MG_3761 _MG_3799 _MG_3814 _MG_3818 _MG_3846 _MG_3843 _MG_3838 _MG_3857 _MG_3851 _MG_3760_MG_3786