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This past September Chad and I traveled to the quaint and romantic island of Nantucket.  Located 3o miles off the coast of Massachusetts, it has a unique place in our countries history and os the least populated county in Massachusetts.  Indians who once lived there called it "faraway land", English Colonists spotted it  in 1602 and now the island is made up of sailors and summer homes.   Our two day trip obviously had to start with Chad sprinting across the parking lot with our luggage in hand to make the ferry so we could be on our two hour journey.  We walked from the port to find our hotel tucked away in the streets of town.   We stayed at The Roberts Collection and loved the colonial feel to the property.  The historical integrity of Nantucket is amazing. The streets of downtown are still the original cobblestone set as early as 1837.  I have always been smitten by the unsurpassed amount of history New England has to offer which adds a sometimes rare historical element to modern day travel. After settling in we rented a moped and scooted around the island.  We first went down to Brant Point Lighthouse on the beach where Senate John Kerry resides.  We then scooted over to the village of Siasconset to see the rose covered cottages that were all so charmingly named. While getting lost leaving the village, we found Sankaty Head Lighthouse.   The lighthouse was built in 1850 and was moved in 2007 due to the eroding bluffs. It was a beautiful walk and we were filled with wonder learning about how one goes about moving a giant lighthouse.  We also went to Dionas beach where shells mark the path down.  It was very windy and cold so we wrapped up in a sheet and took a nap between two dunes. We had an amazing lunch warming up with a bow of chowder from Something Natural and then strolled up and down Jetties Beach.  We watched the sunset, read and drank wine at Madaket Beach.  We also paid a visit to Cisco Brewing Company to do our favorite thing, drink beer and listen to live music. Traveling in New England is best done in the fall when tourists have retired their Sperries and you can really feel the life and culture pouring out of the old colonial towns.  When you leave Nantucket be sure to follow the old tradition and throw a penny over your shoulder into the harbor to say, "I'll be back."

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