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Jordan | Bombshell Boudoir

This bombshell has supported her husband through 4 deployments and she wanted to give him something special when he returned home after seven long months in Afghanistan.  Meet Jordan: bringing West Coast glam to Rhode Island wherever she goes.  Jordan is my favorite photoshoot and Starbucks buddy.  She is always on par with my ideas and ready to get in front of the camera to show it off.  I really admire her for sticking it out in RI while her husband is away and her family and friends are on the opposite side of the country.  This summers session was Baking Boudoir.... no cupcakes were actually made. Bon Appetite!

Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 001

Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 002 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 003 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 004 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 005 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 006 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 007 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 008 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 009 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 011 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 012 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 013 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 014 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 015Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 018 Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 019Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 020Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 016Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 017Jordan Daluz Boudior - J Darling Photo - 021



Rachel | Newport Maternity Session

My beautiful sister came to visit me in June so naturally we had to take some photos do document her fifth pregnancy.  Yes, that is right, FIFTH pregnancy.  After blessing our family with four handsome boys she is finally getting a baby girl.  Cameron, Kaden, Brennan and Grayson are the lights of my life and I cannot wait to go home in September to see the birth of my new niece. I admire my sister so much for being so young and able to work as a Respiratory Therapist and take care of 4 boys, a husband and two dogs.  I would need about 5 naps a day if I were her! I am so blessed to have her as an older sister and I am so happy that in age we have grown so close. I value the advice she gives me so much and I cannot wait to have children of my own to add to the bunch....well I can wait but ya know. Miss you and I love you Rachel! _MG_9182_MG_9136_MG_9140_MG_9174 _MG_9153 _MG_9157-Edit _MG_9161_MG_9173

_MG_9163 _MG_9167_MG_9147

_MG_9168_MG_9151 _MG_9181



Nathan | Thomas Rudd

Last week I once again had the pleasure of photographing my favorite Elvis look alike in a bow tie made by my new favorite store in Newport, Thomas Rudd. You'll get the full story on them after I do a much anticipated photoshoot with them in the next couple of weeks. Tom and his wife Michelle have an extremely well designed storefront in Bowens Wharf full of classic american treasures with a nautical twist for the true American Gentleman. Michelle makes the bow ties and they can do everything custom including: monograming, custom cigar boxes, flasks, the coolest bottle openers ever, vintage prints, throw blankets, coasters, sunglasses and more. They are basically a goldmine if you are looking for gifts for your man, your dad, your groomsmen or any other men in your life. They do have some girly stuff too though!  Their dog Peter hanging out in the front is just the icing on the cake too. It is an extremely handsome store that truly matches their products. I'm so pumped to have the opportunity to photograph for them.

With these photos I will leave you my favorite quote about what in my opinion is a true american gentleman:

"The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him."

_MG_9189 _MG_9192 _MG_9198 _MG_9203 _MG_9235_MG_9214 _MG_9222 _MG_9230_MG_9236

You can contact them at: or visit them online at



Nina | Second Beach

I photographed Nina at the same time as my previous post, Kara.  She is a foreign exchange student living in Rhode Island from Germany.  When I first met her I knew I had to photograph her. When you see the shade of blue her eyes are, you will understand.  I was so impressed with how mature, calm and collected she is.  Nina returns to her home in Germany soon but I know the impact she has made on her friends here is one not to be forgotten. On a side note, I read this quote in an old issue of Real Simple magazine the other day and water to share:

"There seems to be a kind of order in the universe, in the movement of the stars and the turning of the Earth and the changing of the seasons, and even in the cycle of human life.  But human life itself is almost pure chaos." Katherine Anne Porter - Paris Review 1963

_MG_5599 _MG_5748_MG_5620 _MG_5563_MG_5641_MG_5754_MG_5751








Kara | Second Beach

I recently photographed this bright young girl on Second Beach in Middletown, Rhode Island.  She was a fantastic model and I was itching to do some personal work after the start of wedding season.  Her wisdom exceeds her age and her beauty radiates through her eyes and smile.  Kara is wearing Free People and make-up by Urban Decay. Kara_J Darling Photo006 Kara_J Darling Photo020 Kara_J Darling Photo019

Kara_J Darling Photo002 Kara_J Darling Photo018 Kara_J Darling Photo017 Kara_J Darling Photo016 Kara_J Darling Photo015 Kara_J Darling Photo014 Kara_J Darling Photo013 Kara_J Darling Photo011 Kara_J Darling Photo010 Kara_J Darling Photo009 Kara_J Darling Photo008 Kara_J Darling Photo007