And the icing on the cake of all of these wondrous events, people and places in my life - a little girl named Lenora June. She’s my little babe who gets her need to be social from her Dad and I, her blue eyes from me and her sense of humor from her Dad…he taught her how to rawr and its the most common noise in our house now. She’s named after my Grandmother, Lenora Jean and her middle name is after the late June Carter-Cash. Both women to admire. Raising a little girl is the most important job we ever could be given. Our goal is to raise her with a heart full of grit, virtue, respect for herself and others, kindness to herself and to others, and one hell of a sense of humor. I think we’re doing great so far.

Lenora June Cordes 7 Months004.jpg

Jessica Darling

Yes, thats really my name. 
The only thing I love more than my dog (Rubin the coonhound) is my husband (Chad).

The only thing I love more than craft beer is a good dry glass of red wine.  The only thing I love more than red wine is a glass of bubbly.
The only thing I love more than a sunset on Lake Michigan is the smell of salt water and the shores of Rhode Island.
If I don't respond to your email right away its honestly probably because my wanderlust is taking over and I'm scouring the internet for my next dream destination or its because I work two jobs so I can add as much money to that travel fund as possible. 
I'm a listener.  I'm a talker. I love just being outside in general.  If you throw a ball at me I probably won't be able to catch it. I love cooking and fellowship of loved ones sitting around my table. 

Most importantly I'm obsessed with my job. I absolutely love what I do and feel a deep connection to my work.  Over and over again at photoshoots I take a step back and think to myself, wow. this is really what I'm doing for work.  How cool is this? How lucky am I to have found this?

I graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts in 2010 and then hung out on the East Coast for a few years really developing my career and I loved it there.  But then I found a man coincidentally from my home town that I loved even more and convinced me the place for me was in his arms in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm so happy to be here. 



Proudly a LGBTQ+ friend, ally & photographer. love is love, ya’ll. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.

Proud supporter of our veterans, active service members, firefighters and public safety. I proudly offer a discount to members of this community.